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dimanche 7 février 2016

L'Alsace terre électrique

Elon Musk, PDG de TESLA, a annoncé qu'il pourrait construire une nouvelle usine en Europe, et que celà pourrait être l'Alsace.
J’avais envoyé un mot à Mr Musk le 25 mai 2015 sur les usines de batteries et d’une implantation en Alsace. Je suis certain que c’est une coïncidence mais si c'est vrai, ce serait une belle opportunité et une publicité fantastique pour cette région!!

Le mail envoyé le 25/05/15:
Dear Mr Musk
I am a French citizen, passionate by innovations, electric transport, soft mobility and renewable energy, and of course fan of TESLA.
I would like to share with you two ideas.
1) I am living at THANN, near Mulhouse (France), close to the German and the Swiss borders.
Unfortunately, up to now, I don’t see the French Government realizing the disruptive message you did April the 30th, with your battery Powerwall. It’s the reason why, according to me, it could be a great opportunity for TESLA (and a tremendous message for the Photon Economy) to implement a Gigafactory in the place I live, which is at 50 km of the oldest nuclear power plant of France (Fessenheim).
2) I am sure you know the company StoreDot (
With their last breakthrough, maybe it could be a other opportunity for TESLA MOTORS to buy this company for yours superchargers.
(Note: I have no interest in this company)
I am not a political or investor. Just a citizen who try to participate, at my way, to the transition that occurs in the world, thanks to great innovators and leaders like you.
Thanks a lot Mr Musk to show us the future and to give us the desire to be part of it.
Guillaume MAILLARD